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Arnotts - Northern Quarter Dublin Close Window

‘‘Your challenging approach to the staus quo... helped the team as a whole come up with fresh ideas’’

Brian Kearney

The Brief:

  • Working with the design team, develop the concepts into an iconic building for Arnotts in the heart of Dublin.

  • The building should represent the past & the future of the family owned department store.

  • Deliver a department store that can morph to reflect the changing face of retail and flex to display the changing faces of fashion.

The Results:

  • Wrote the brief and introduced PompeiAD to the team. Ensured the collaboration delivered significant value to the Northern Quarter project.

  • The ‘little back dress.’ A classic building that will stand the test of time.

  • Textured and clear glazing combine with the ‘Canyon - inspired’ entrances and circulation to provide a dynamic and flexible space.

‘Good retail space can look deceptively simple to produce. It’s not.
Dana has the rare talent of being able to understand, share and enhance retail dreams while at the same time delivering them on time, in budget and with an infectious enthusiasm that will inspire any retail team’

Richard Nesbitt