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‘I value your ability to create and implement a strategy which supports and delivers the company’s objectives.’

Allan Leighton
President & CEO Wal*Mart Europe

The Brief:

  • Review customers attitudes to ASDA as the ‘campaigning/challenger’ brand’ now it was owned by the largest retailer in the world.

  • Review the handwriting of the stores to make them easy to navigate with clear displays and pricing.

  • Review all creative departments to set guidelines for all future proposals.

The Results:

  • Wal * Mart offered an unmatchable advantage, bringing the best of the USA to Britain. Lower prices, great choice and outstanding service in the easiest stores to shop.

  • A simple, clear, bold approach was developed for all instore communication.

  • Busy, Buzzy & Fun - friendly greeters, sampling and demonstrations, big events, great colleague interaction from an empowered store team.