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‘Dana’s professionalism, her knowledge of the retail industry and her experience in creating and delivering major projects were the reasons I chose her to guide us. She did not disappoint. The process she developed was rigorous and the resulting tender saw a 7 figure reduction from the previous fee proposal. I am happy to recommend her – and I do!’

Jacob de Jonge
De Bijenkork
Directie Voorzitter
De Bijenkork

This Dutch department store group was planning to redevelop three flagship stores and wanted to ensure they assembled a world-class team to deliver them.

Working with the internal format team I led a global review, selection and tender process to identify the creative team. When we had selected the creative partners I worked with the client’s specialist procurement company to help finalise the terms for future creative projects with the selected partners. This process helped bring new creative input to the format team and established significant savings against previous project fees.

Other projects with this group have included:

  • Writing the briefs for each store to ensure that the creative flair desired also accommodated the operational requirements.
  • Researching and reviewing operational partners to further enhance the already successful restaurant design by improving its operational effectiveness.