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‘In this day and age airport retailing is a critical part of the commercial revenues for airport authorities. Getting the retail mix correct in the terminal will provide big dividends. Working with Dana, we were able to shape the category offering and merchandise flows in Terminal 2 and amend the Terminal 1 propositions to optimise the retailer mix and deliver a great customer experience.’

Mark Banchansky
Dublin Airport Authority
Retail Strategy Director
Dublin Airport Authority

I was asked by the Retail Director and the Retail Strategy Director to lead a two-day workshop with their Directorate to establish several possible retail strategies and aid the search and negotiation for the retailers who would operate within the new terminal.

The workshop established several possible options to maximize both the customer experience and revenues for the new Terminal 2 by varying the number of retailers, possible layouts and the retail mix. In conjunction with this review there would also be the potential to improve the mix and yield from the retail propositions in Terminal 1.

The customer numbers, nationalities, demographics, flight carriers, restaurant mix and architectural layout (construction was nearly completed and change would be cost prohibitive) formed the background for the workshop.

The outcome was the development of thee layout options for T2 and two for T1. These layouts provided different retail scenarios, enabling DAA to pursue differing retail strategy negotiations whilst still maximising the retail yield.