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‘The customer experience is at the heart of our proposition, and it is vital that our people and processes are world class in their efficiency and cost effectiveness. Dana reviewed our approach to highlight areas where we could improve.’

Peter Ruis
John Lewis
Buying & Brand Director
John Lewis

I was asked by the Buying and Brand Director to review their creative process and help to develop a world-class approach to the development of new customer experiences. This was to be balanced against ensuring that value was achieved in both development and delivery.

Listening to internal and external stakeholders provided a clear picture of the current process and comparing this against a number of similar retailers identified the areas to focus on.

The value review compared recent projects against similar retailers and projects and, at a more detailed level, reviewed fixtures and looked at ways these could be value engineered.

This highlighted a number of areas for the team to focus on and introduced possible new partners who could assist in fixture development and space management.