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‘‘Your challenging approach to the staus quo... helped the team as a whole come up with fresh ideas’’

Mireille Hein
Commercial Director


Appointed by the Commercial Director I was asked to undertake a global review of visual merchandising in the sector, and to deliver proposals for the way in which the business used visual merchandising, in order to increase its impact, and to enable the store team to more easily execute and refresh it as the ranges change and sell out.

As a prototype we took a highly successful small store and, in a morning, stripped out and rebuilt it in line with the proposals, reopening with the new look at midday. It had bolder and more inspirational merchandising, an increased number of front facing garments, and was easier for customers to browse and shop and for staff to refresh.

Customer reaction was so positive that the proposals were developed into a guide for all stores. The first implementation of the new layout was delivered at the store in Antwerp, where a workshop was held to train Regional Managers to rollout the scheme across the chain in all five countries.