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‘We called on Dana to assist us in the development of a customer centric approach to store planning that is more scientific and data driven than our existing practices, which tend to be derived more through gut-feel.’

Paul Connellan
Pick 'n' Pay
Food Merchandise Director
Pick 'n' Pay

The Brief:

  • Following a Bain strategic review 7 projects were initiated (G3). One was to ensure stores were customer focussed.

  • Review available data to establish key shopping missions.

  • Develop store layouts that improve ease of shop for daily and weekly items.

The Results:

  • 4 shopping missions were identified.

  • Customer research was commissioned which validated these shopping missions.

  • Review of sales enabled space to be re - balanced which improved ease of shop for daily and weekly items.

  • Future stores were planned on these findings.
Pick 'n' Pay